Sports Hall of Fame Nomination:

The Sports Hall of Fame Board of Directors should nominate and elect inductees through a balloting process, using an application from that, among other items, provides for a biographical sketch of each nominee. The Board of Directors will appoint a Criteria Committee to review applications submitted, tabulate the highest vote-getters and re-submit a list to the Board. The process is complete when the number of candidates determined originally by the Board has been selected. For the first two years of organization, 1994 and 1995, a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 25 inductees per year shall be recognized. Thereafter each year, a minimum of three or a maximum of eight shall be honored.

Would you like to nominate someone? Fill out the form below or download the PDF form to fill out a paper copy. Nominations can be submitted by mail to P.O. Box 1037, Thomasville, GA 31799 or dropped off at the YMCA.

Nomination Form PDF