Pickleball & Tennispicklball group

Location: Remington Park, Thomasville, GA

Upcoming Events:

Pickleball Tournament – May 15th & 16th

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Try your hand at a game that's part tennis, part badminton

To play pickleball no actual pickles are used! Two or four players use oversized ping-pong paddles to hit a whiffle ball over a three-foot net on the court.

The rules are similar to tennis but are slightly different to allow for a more relaxed pace. For example, a serve must be hit underhand and each team must play their first shot off the bounce.

Beginner Lessons*

*no lessons for the month of December

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Indoor Pickleball*

Due to COVID-19, no indoor pickleball is being offered at this time.

Outdoor Pickleball*

*this is not organized by the Thomasville YMCA

  • Organized outdoor open play each Monday and Saturday 9-12 noon.
  • Courts are available free to all interested in learning the game, unless otherwise posted.
  • Meet up with fellow pickleball players



Two tennis courts are available for play. Join the Tennis Ladder and start playing today!

Thomasville YMCA & Community Tennis Ladder

Monthly Lessons

Tennis Play Days

For more information contact Karen Morabito at 226-0133 or at kmorabito@ymca-thomasville.org